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  My journey began by playing and recording. In 2005 I designed my first Windpony flutes crafted of Eastern Cedar and Poplar wood. In 2011 I added multi wood Moonrider flutes. My early flutes were mainly 5 hole. However in recent years  I have added a sixth hole as it enables many beautiful added notes. My unfinished flutes are very popular as many players like the low prices of such wonderful playing flutes. They unfinished are fully shaped, sanded and tunes and finishing is not required. However rubbing the outside with a coat or 2 of tung oil is fast and easy. Many of my customers decorate their flutes and coat them with the wood finish of their choice. All my flutes are easy to play and I offer packages including an easy to follow instruction book and CD's.  I also offer packages with solid oak stands.

About Native American Stlye Flutes


  Native American style flutes are crafted in many keys from High E to Low A, however the most popular and easy to play flutes keys are High C, A, G and F#. High C is the smallest of the popular key flutes and is an ideal choice for a player with small hands. Flutes in the key of A is a little larger and has a lower tone than High C and is still small enough that most players can play them comfortably. G is the most popular key and blends well with other instruments. G flutes are a little larger than A flutes and the fingering holes are a little further apart than an A flute. F# provides the most traditional native sound and is a little larger than a G flute. The larger the flute the lower the tone. E, Low D and Low C flutes are somewhat larger than the more popular higher flutes and usually added to the collection of more advance players. 

 Cedar is the most traditional wood used in crafting Native American style flutes and often has many color and grain variations in each flute. Cedar flutes have a pleasant aroma that players find appealing.

Poplar wood is easier to work with than cedar and yet has a nice soft tone and is less costly.

 Unfinished flutes are fully shaped and sanded and are a great choice for a low cost. Unfinished flutes can be rubbed with a coat or 2 of tung oil or finished with the coating of your choice. They can be decorated to create an individual look.

 Discount flute sets are a great value and include either an instruction book or flute rack or both.  

Robert Windpony


Robert Windpony plays his spirit songs in traditional Native style. No electronically created "nature" sounds or artificial instrumentation. Robert plays  flutes in the keys of low A to high E. Robert writes song/instruction books  and designs his Windpony and Moonrider flutes in various woods. When Robert records or performs in concert, he plays each song differently each time. Robert feels that his playing is guided by spirit and that his flute playing gives voice to his spirit songs. Robert divides his time between the deserts, high plateaus and mountains of the southwest and his journeys are the foundation of his music.

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